KDH Defense | SPCS – Soldier Plate Carrier System
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SPCS – Soldier Plate Carrier System

The SPCS – Soldier Plate Carrier System is the current U.S. Army Plate Carrier System currently issued to all combat troops in Afghanistan (over 60,000 units). Following lengthy review, field evaluations and analysis, the U.S. Army chose the KDH model Magnum TAC-1 system over all other competitor’s designs as a result of the following key factors: (1) weight and comfort, (2) ballistic performance, and (3) delivery schedule. The Magnum TAC-1 was the lightest of the plate carriers studied by the U.S. Army and it has the highest ballistic performance as well. This plate carrier/vest provides the soldier with a lightweight option to the standard issue IOTV vest and is designed to meet the requirements of troops working in high-altitude and rugged terrain. The system balances the fine line between coverage vs. mobility.


  • Unmatched comfort. One active duty Army Major commented, “It is by far the most comfortable body armor vest I have ever worn.”
  • Highly adjustable for improved fit. The vest can be adjusted “on-the-run” without removing the vest with its side adjustable straps. The vest can be adjusted real time as mission requirements change.
  • Cummerbund connects with side release buckles rather than Velcro for greater adjustability on the move and superior noise discipline.
  • Side plate protection pouches can be easily removed when not mission critical
  • Single-handed emergency egress quick-release system
  • Low-profile system
  • Fits U.S. issue X-Small thru X-Large hard armor ESAPI plates
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • 360° MOLLE mounting surfaces
  • IOTV groin and lower back protector compatible
  • Provides IOTV specification soft ballistic protection
  • Lightest weight military plate carrier on the market today with every objective requirement met
  • Protected by nGuard®: resistant to odor, microbes, fungi, mosquitos, bed bugs, color fading
Additional Information

Available in all standard colors as well as universal camouflage and Multi-CAM camouflage fabrics


Optional side straps allow the system to be used without the cummerbund