KDH Defense | Firearms Instructor – Fire/Rescue/EMS Vest
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Firearms Instructor – Fire/Rescue/EMS Vest

Based on KDH’s TRC Expanded, the Firearms Instructor load-bearing vest is designed specifically as an outer carrier that will quickly and easily accommodate your KDH concealable vest armor panels. Featuring a bright red carrier, this is the perfect system for high visibility on the shooting range or low visibility on the two-way range of high threat call outs.


The vest offers covert protection to FIRE/RESCUE/EMS personnel in the form of “hiding in plain sight.” The ability to enter a high threat area where uneducated media repeatedly give away your movements or clandestine spotters lie in wait within the crowd can prove difficult when your appearance says “threat.” The innocuous red coloring of this vest allows heavily armored support personnel or cleverly disguised tactical operators to move freely and render aid without raising the eyebrows of the media or worse…


  • Side-opening design
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Internal elastic cummerbund
  • 360 degree MOLLE coverage
  • 10×12 plate pockets front and rear
  • Front to back panel closure
  • Removable identification patches (front & back)
  • Color: bright red for high visibility
  • Next generation body armor, powered by nGuard® – the only multi-functional defense and resistance to odor and pathogen causing microbes, fungi, mosquitos and bed-bugs, and color fading.
Additional Information

Please contact a KDH Sales Representative to discuss options and your mission specific requirements for this product.