KDH Defense | Brent Frazier
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Brent Frazier

Assistant Plant Manager

Brent Frazier has been with KDH Defense Systems, Inc. since 2009. During his tenure, Brent has held a number of key management positions including Program Manager, Production Control Manager, Quality Manager, and others. Brent has considerable technical and customer knowledge of nearly all of KDH products and he is a critical member of the KDH Management and Leadership team.

Upon his arrival at KDH, Brent served as the Program Manager for most of KDH’s significant Military contracts. These contracts included such products as the Army IOTV, Army SPCS, Marine Corps IMTV, Marine Corps Plate Carrier, and the Air Force EOD which utilizes KDH’s Advanced Technical Plate Carrier System. In addition to these military contracts, Brent has been the Program Manager for KDH Federal Programs including the Department of Homeland Security, DEA and ATF.

From 2013 through 2015, Brent performed various management roles as KDH re-engineered itself for Law Enforcement style products. These positions included Purchasing Manager, Production Control Manager as well as Receiving and Shipping Manager. Then in 2016, Brent moved into the Quality Manger position at KDH. He has been promoted now to the Assistant Plant Manager in 2017.

Prior to joining KDH, Brent was in Program Management for 18 years, spending 13 years at Cooper Lighting in Peachtree City, Georgia focusing primarily on the design and development of Indoor/Outdoor Security Lighting. At Cooper Lighting, Brent was responsible for all Product Development and Manufacturing duties for four different product lines. Customers included Lowes, Home Depot, and Walmart.

Brent graduated from Appalachian State University where he received a BS in Industrial Engineering.