USMC Improved Modular Tactical Vest (IMTV)

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USMC Improved Modular Tactical Vest - Back
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USMC Improved Modular Tactical Vest - Back
USMC Improved Modular Tactical Vest - Front

Product Info

The USMC Improved Modular Tactical Vest (IMTV) is the new U.S. Marine Corps vest system. It consists of a cummerbund style main vest with groin, lower back and neck/throat protection. The system is designed to allow the Marine to scale the system up or down dependent upon mission requirements. The IMTV is a 2-point cut away system, with fully integrated side protection, communication routing channels, and increased MOLLE attachment points. In addition to more efficient weight distribution, the IMTV provides increased protection to the lateral torso, with less exposed area on the side and under the arms. Additional options include a removable collar that is 1/2 the bulk of the older collars, throat protection, removable side plate pockets and a removable rifle bolster.


• Overhead donning and doffing
• Side-opening for EMT
• Single-handed emergency egress quick-release system
• Scalable modular components
• Reinforced drag handle
• Full-wrap cummerbund style closure
• Removable/adjustable side plates
• Increased coverage, including lower back and kidney area, and side torso
• Provides additional side armor protection via cummerbund
• Side armor plate pouches
• Integrated communication channels
• Rifle bolster allows for proper stock weld
• Improved closure strap system
• Accepts 7x8 ESBI side plates
• 2-point quick release system
• Reduced bulk collar
• Multi-point adjustability
• 360° MOLLE mounting surfaces
• Adjustable throat protection (look down collar)
• Durable Cordura® outer carrier
• Protected by nGuard®: resistant to odor, microbes, fungi, mosquitos, bed bugs, color fading


• Available in Black, White, Navy, Tan and a variety of camo patterns
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