KDH Defense Systems, Inc.

“NIJ Standard-0101.06 (NIJ .06) is one of the most stringent, demanding and comprehensive personal body armor standards ever initiated and mandated by the NIJ,” said Ron Gburek, Chief Operating Officer for KDH. “We are pleased to receive these notices of compliance, the first of many anticipated certifications under the new NIJ .06 Standard that the Company believes it will be receiving in the coming months. KDH remains committed to providing our law enforcement officers and federal agents with the very best in life-saving ballistic protection while simultaneously allowing for comfort, mobility, functionality and operational performance.”

KDH’s new NIJ .06 body armor is eligible for U.S. DOJ BVP (Bulletproof Vest Partnership Act) funding and is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards. NIJ Standard-0101.06, Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor, is the latest evolution in standards by which law enforcement protective vests are measured and establishes minimum performance requirements and test methods for the ballistic resistance of personal body armor intended to protect against gunfire.

KDH Defense Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of American-made custom body armor solutions for military, law enforcement and federal agencies. Headquartered in Eden, North Carolina, a region with a rich history in the U.S. textile industry, KDH Defense Systems’ ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility currently consists of 139,000 square feet of armor cutting, sewing and ballistic design operations, as well as product development, sales and administration. The Eden facility resides in Rockingham County, which has been designated a Federal HUB Zone region in its entirety by the Small Business Administration.